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Is AI A Boon or Bane for Academics

Pros Of Using AI in Education:

While there are concerns with the use of AI such as unverified information and over-dependency, AI has also transformed the field of education. It presents exciting possibilities to improve the learning process in minimum time without any cost. Let's take into account the pros of using AI in Education;

  • AI generates information according to individual needs and adjusts difficulty with past performances.
  • It is effective for students with disabilities or for those with learning barriers.
  • AI generates interactive quizzes and FAQs to make learning more engaging.
  • AI provides users with real-time correction, feedback, and support.
  • AI also helps students prepare for exams with interactive sessions. It has become an online tutor that assists students with their studies.

  • The Con of Using Unverified AI Information

    Dr Steve Watson from the Faculty of Education at Cambridge University quoted;

    ChatGPT brings both new opportunities and new complexity.

    No matter how fast and exciting AI tools are, it is essential to consider the cons of using AI information without cross-checking. Educators and students must research authentic and verified information and use their creativity to draft authentic content that cannot be claimed as plagiarised. Let's discuss in detail the negative aspects of using AI in education.

  • AI-generated content needs more research and depth. It might use unverified sources and generate inaccurate information.
  • According to Google, content has to be factually correct and without fluff to rank on its search pages. AI content seldom ranks on Google’s pages because it lacks correct information and has poor SEO optimization.
  • The content generated by AI has to be verified with proper resources.
  • Based on the information, It provides biassed answers.
  • The readability score of AI content is not good due to the repetition of words.
  • AI-generated content often lacks depth because it cannot access websites. Therefore, it provides very generic content.
  • Content generated by ChatGPT is often incomplete, which means extra effort is still needed to fill the gap.
  • Depending on the model, not all AI tools provide real-time updated information, e.g. Chat-gpt can't.

  • Why London Checkers Professionals Provide Well-Researched Information

    At London Checkers, we understand the importance of verified, high-quality, well-researched and updated content. With a heavy responsibility of checking and crafting Dissertations, Thesis and Assignments, we cannot risk with the factually incorrect information. We take our time to analyse the topic at hand and draft content that matches your intent. From punctuation, grammar, and formatting, our talented members take care of every aspect. We make sure that your task is completed with utter precision and expertise.

    Consult us if you want;

  • Well-researched content crafted with credible academic sources.
  • Original content crafted according to your intent.
  • In-depth content with stats, figures and recent studies.
  • 100% Plagiarism free content.
  • Factually accurate data.
  • Is AI A Boon or Bane for Academics

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