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Students in their academic career do not realize the importance of grades they lose. We understand grades are not the measure of a person nor are they even the sole measure of academic accomplishment. Rather, they're an imperfect reflection of how much a student has learned throughout their academic journey. But when it comes to professional advancements, grades matter. They are directly linked to great career opportunities & progressions. The main reason we have identified for academic failure is the carefulness students' show towards education. It is not only the carelessness that affects the grades but blunders also which make students lose their marks. Especially at the higher level, students make grammatical, punctuation, & formatting errors making the document look clumsy.

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From dissertations to assignments to thesis it’s easy for little grammatical mistakes to slip by, especially when the student is self-editing. Not just this, students make spelling errors along with referencing, sentence structure, tone & word choice blunders. Beyond the basics, documents having tricky errors like misplaced modifiers & parallelism can take your chances away from securing an “A” grade. Another main reason due to which students lose marks is the submission of plagiarized content, which ultimately destroys the academic reputation of the student. To help you avoid all of the grammatical, punctuation, formatting, referencing error, here is a guide for you to follow. Our team of professional academic consultants are also at your service 24/7 all across the UK.

Polish your Skills & Enhance the Quality of your Academic Document.

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Spelling Errors

Detect spelling mistakes, typos, hyphens & other cumbersome mistakes in your document with a high level of accuracy & speed.

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Grammar & Structure Check

Review your text for tenses, sentence structure, word order, clauses, articles, prepositions & many other common grammar typos.

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Change sentence structure with same meaning words, giving 100% original & plagiarism free content while meeting high standards of the university.

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Make your content clear, consistent & concise while complying with the international document formatting standards.

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Punctuation Error

Improve your text & identify commas, periods, colons, semicolons quotation marks & other punctuation mistakes.

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Referencing Check

Review your work for inconsistent referencing styles, bibliographies & citations to meet international university style guide requirements.

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